Ciara Checks Out an N.Y.C. Hot Spot

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The singer dines on fancy fare at one of N.Y.C.'s steak hot spots.


[MUSIC] Hey ya'll, what's up? I'm Sierra, and right now we're here today at the Kobe Club. We took Sierra out for a night out on the town. And I'm here with my friends. I'm like, really excited to experiment with the different foods. It's my first time ever eating here. One thing I can say that I noticed instantly when I walked in this building is the interior decorating. There are thousands of really, really sharp samurai swords hanging from the ceiling. I'm hoping that these are fake knives first of all [LAUGH]. And I'm like, please don't let a knife fall because only God knows. [LAUGH] Sierra dug in and loved the food. Thank you very much. You're welcome. This is our main lobster. Wow. I must say that I had a lot of fun and I'm about to get my eat on [LAUGH]. And I guess I'll see you all soon. Hope that you all enjoyed everything. And I wish you could smell it, it smells so good. See you all later. Bye [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]
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