Christina Aguilera's Spot-On Britney Spears Impression Will Astound You

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Christina Aguilera has one of the most instantly recognizable and iconic voices in the music industry, but as it turns out, she's also got a knack for imitating some of the other most famous vocals in the biz. The Voice mentor showed off her skills during her visit to The Tonight Show on Monday when she played a game of Wheel of Musical Impressions with host Jimmy Fallon.

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Aguilera got things off to an impressive start by imitating Cher singing the "Folgers Coffee" jingle, but nothing could prepare us for the awesomeness of her next turn: singing "This Little Piggy" in the tune of Britney Spears. Not only did Aguilera sound exactly like her '90s pop rival (it's scary how spot-on the impression is), but she managed to belt out the nursery rhyme in the key of "... Baby One More Time." That's some serious talent.

The Grammy-winning star also did a hilarious rendition of the Golden Girls theme as sung by Shakira, while Fallon pulled out his best David Bowie and Michael McDonald (for "Grand Old Flag" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider"), but this clip is all about Christina's Britney.

Watch Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon's full round of Wheel of Musical Impressions in the video below: 

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Christina Aguilera has known Brittany Spears for a pretty long time now. The two pop princesses first met during their days on the Mickey Mouse club back in the early 90s. And they've crossed paths a bunch of times since. So it makes sense that Christina would know Brittany pretty well at this point. And she proved just how well during a game of wheel of musical impressions on the tonight show. This little piggy. [MUSIC] Okay, wow. That imitation drove us crazy. We had no idea Christina was so in touch with her inner Britney. And, of course, the rest of the internet was pretty impressed, too. Pop Sugar said Christina's musical impression was. Just plain perfect. And a writer for the Huffington Post gushed it will completely blow your mind. Of course Christina totally beat Jimmy hands down after that. And we think it's safe to say she trumped fellow voice coach Adam Levines' impression of Michael Jackson too and that's saying something.
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