Chris Hemsworth Reveals What He Finds Sexy in This Heart-Melting Video

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Prepare to swoon. Chris Hemswroth, People magazine's 2014 Sexiest Man Alive, is just as heart-meltingly charming and funny as he is handsome. The 31-year-old Australian actor jokes about his new title in the above behind-the-scenes video from his People photoshoot, saying that when he heard the news, his first reaction was, "Good. But you're a couple years late, I hit my peek a few years ago." We disagree!

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Hemsworth looks very sexy indeed in the video, posing for the cameras in rugged jeans and tees, his signature long blond locks flowing and scruff in place. But perhaps the most swoon-worthy moment of the entire clip is when the actor is asked what he thinks is the sexiest thing in the world, and without hesitation answers, "My wife." Watch the full video above!

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[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Chris Hemsworth. You're behind the scenes at the People magazine's photo shoot for Sexiest Man Alive. [MUSIC] The first thing that went through my mind when just, being told about Sexiest Man Alive was [MUSIC] Good. But you're a couple of years late, when I hit my peak a few years ago. I'm on the decline now so, i'm not sure if I still deserve it but thank you. What did my wife think? My wife thought it was pretty funny as I did. It was a really good old laugh. I put it on the mantle place just to remind her, in the coming years when I fall completely apart. Out of family and friends, who's gonna give me the hardest time? Probably my brothers. They're gonna give me some stink over this story but that's all right. That's what brothers do. My favorite place in the world would be my home, Australia. On the coast, anywhere in Australia on the coast. Best thing about fatherhood. You get to be a big kid again. What ways do I see myself in my kids? I see myself in my kids definitely in the obvious physical kind of features and things but my daughter certainly she's starting to walk like me. Same posture, same swagger [LAUGH] What is the sexiest thing in the world? My wife.
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