Chloe x Halle Dish on Starring in the New Ivy Park Campaign


We absolutely cannot pick just one thing we love about Chloe x Halle. From their melodic tunes to their gorgeous strands, these two teens are absolute superstars. And did we mention that they also have an amazing sense of style as well?

Beyoncé signed them to her Parkwood Entertainment label (after their a cappella version of "Pretty Hurts" went viral in 2013) and has been mentoring and working with them since. The trio's latest endeavor together is Chloe x Halle's appearance in Ivy Park's spring 2017 campaign.

"It feels so incredible to be a part of this campaign," the duo tells Essence in an exclusive video. "We love Beyoncé to death and to just know that we are amongst other incredible women as well, you know, promoting self-beauty and self-worth, while also looking cute, you know? Just looking fire." Clearly, these are girls after our own hearts!

The assortment is full of a ton of different athleisure pieces, but Chloe x Halle love the bodysuits, sweats, leggings, and sweatshirts the most. But their favorite outfit of all? Confidence, of course. "You could have on the craziest outfit or the cutest outfit, and it won't look right if you don't carry yourself like the queen you are," they say. We couldn't agree more.

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Watch them discuss the new campaign in the video at top.


[MUSIC] It feel so incredible to be a part of this Campaign. [MUSIC] We love Beyonce to death. And to just know that we are amongst other incredible women as well. Promoting self beauty and self worth, while also looking cute. Yes, looking fire. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] What I love The most about the Ivy Park collection is how comfortable it is. Yes. You never want something that feels restricting. Right. We feel like we're free birds in these clothes. We have so many different pieces we can choose from I love the body suits. And the sweatpants and the leggings, I am all about sweatshirt life, so I love the collection. I would have to say the best thing to wear is confidence. You could have on the craziest outfit or the cutest outfit and it won't look right. If you don't carry yourself like the queen you are. Definitely just be yourself in whatever part of life it is. It's cool because I'm being myself and it's fun cuz I'm being myself, you know. [MUSIC]
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