WATCH: How Well Do Chloe x Halle Really Know Each Other?

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When Beyoncé is your mentor and Michelle Obama is one of your biggest fans, you can bet that your rise to Hollywood cool-girl status is going to happen pretty quickly. Just ask musical duo—and sisters—Chloe and Halle Bailey, who have been in the spotlight since their 2013 YouTube cover of Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts" caught the attention of Bey herself—she proceeded to sign the two to her Parkwood Entertainment label, and later cast them in her Lemonade video. For two siblings who work together, live together, and consider each other their best friends, you would think that there isn't much that Chloe, 18, and Halle, 16, don't know about their other halves. So during a recent visit to InStyle's New York City headquarters, we put the sisters to the test to find out just how close they really are with a game-show style quiz.

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Watch the video above to find out who has more shoes, where the two would take their dream getaway, and who—aside from Queen Bey, of course—inspires their vocals.


[MUSIC] Hi guys. And Halle. And we are here with InStyle. Wahoo. [MUSIC] What is my favorite color? Halle's favorite color is It's purple. Whoo! That's an easy one. What's my favorite color? Chloe's favorite color is blue. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. If I could wear one outfit everyday, what would it be? Gosh. I would say maybe anything comfortable? You select pants? [BLEEP] Okay what did you say? I choose a sun dress because it's comfortable, and cute at the same time. That's actually a really good answer. Yup, yup. Now if I could wear any outfit everyday, what would it be? Has to do with belly buttons. Gosh, you got it right. [SOUND] If I can travel to one place in the entire world, where would I go? I don't know, New York? She wants to live in New York. I do, but I've been to New York. Maybe an island? [LAUGH] If I could travel to any place where would it be? Now this one I'm stumped. [LAUGH] I would have to say anywhere with a beach Thieves [SOUND] how do you know [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH]. Anywhere, where it's. Sunny [APPLAUSE] [UNKNOWN] sun. [UNKNOWN] beach [INAUDIBLE] No the beach is [CROSSTALK] Has sun. Yeah, but you didn't say the sun. What is my favourite snack? Bread, bread, bread bread. And? [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] No. Rice. [SOUND] Fruits That's right, fruits. [LAUGH] What is my favourite snack? Oreos. Okay, you got it. What word best describes my closet? Filled with my stuffs. [LAUGH] [BUZZER] I said messy. What's one word that describes my close? Messy. Filled with shoes. Do I prefer heels or flats. It depends What's my anser? Both. Yeah, we love both. What is my goto Instagram pose? Okay, you kind of have your hands to the side And you'd give like a smirk, with no teeth. That is what you do. [LAUGH] I guess I do do that, but that wasn't my answer. Well, what was your answer? Mine was smile. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So technically, guys, I guess she gets it. Okay, what is my go-to Instagram pose? Chloe's go-to Instagram pose? It's hand on the hip, lean on one leg. [MUSIC] If I could meet one person, past or present, who would it be? Billy Holiday. Woo hoo, you got it correct. Okay, if I could meet one person, past or present, who would it be? This is so hard. Frank Ocean. [SOUND] What is the one thing I could not live without? Your phone, your lip stains, and your guitar. Okay, the guitar is right. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] What is one thing I cannot live without? Music and lipsticks and- Yeah, I broke my computer and hard drive because it has the music or- Okay, technically that's music. So We just had so much fun playing how well do you know your sister [CROSSTALK] And I think we did a pretty job. I think so too. We got most of them correct. Try this out with your sister guys it's so much fun and everybody got
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