Chef Todd English Divulges What the Stars Eat


This celebrity chef shows how to whip up the treats Hollywood stars crave.


[MUSIC]. Celebrity chef Todd English knows what A-listers eat and drink. Hi, I'm Todd English, and I'm gonna show you how to whip up a special champagne cocktail for your Oscar party at home. He served dishes to the stars during awards season, including the VMA's after party. To do an award show is always a fabulous event. We get a lot of A-list celebrities. George Clooney is a big fan. Ricky Martin. The Entourage guys. Eva is so petite and beautiful, but she can eat with the best of them. Take a tip from Todd and learn how to make your own festive cocktail for your Oscar party at home. Alright, very important to match the biggest award of the night with the best champagne cocktail you can possibly make. Here you go. It's the Best Picture Champagne Cocktail. Take your ice in a mixer like that. You take a little bit of Lillet, okay? Now, this is a great way to celebrate and begin to add a little kick to the great champagnes that are out there. It's really fun to do. Now, this where we take this up a level. A little bit of raspberry vodka. If you like to use a different kind of vodka, you can. Very important to stir this cocktail as opposed to shaking because Is there's less melting of the ice, and more pure flavor coming from the [UNKNOWN]. So, stir that about 20 times is about the perfect amount. Then you take your nice pink champagne, your favorite champagne, and just top it off like that. Alright, very simple. Any kind of sparkling wine will do. I like to take a champagne glass that's chilled and just pour this out. Do not shake it once you've put the champagne in, because you don't want to lose those precious bubbles. The Oscars are all about the glitz of the night and the glamor, but here's a little glitz that you can add to your cocktail. They are beautiful gold flakes. So don't forget those. There you go folks. Best Picture, champagne cocktail. Here's to a great night watching The Oscars. Cheers. Cheers. Mm, That's delicious. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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