What Will Charlotte Rampling Wear to the Oscars? See Our Experts Debate

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Charlotte Rampling has done it all. She started her career as a model and later moved into film, appearing in her first role in the 1966 movie Gregory Girl. She continued her illustrious career with movies like Angel and Swimming Pool, and most recently 45 Years for which she’s nominated for an Oscar.

Throughout her many years on the red carpet, Rampling, now 70, often wears crisp suits that perfectly exemplify her sophisticated and elegant style. The key to her classic look?  Expert tailoring. Though her looks may be simple, they always fit perfectly.

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Watch the video at top to see InStyle's Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, co-founder of 151 Luwolt and Malone Souliers Roy Luwolt, and designer Misha Nonoo discuss what Rampling might wear on the red carpet at the Oscars this Sunday.


[MUSIC] As you may know, Charlotte Rampling, she waded into the controversy over the lack of diversity among the nominees and made some rather awkward statements. So she's gonna face a lot of criticism on the red carpet, and I'm certain a lot of questions. But as for fashion that's another story. She's such an icon growing up in the UK she's a major icon. I think the thing for me is that I always think is that I always think of being naked rather clothed and she looks so good naked I mean there's Helmut Newton shots, But I that ultimately she's So hauntingly beautiful that she kind of is one of those Jane Barkin fashion, she has such a legacy that there's just nothing about her that you wouldn't love to see her in from those days. But she has a simplicity to her in her fashion, and As you've seen, with things that she wears in the past intends to be tuxedo inspired and I think she could do something incredible. She had an amazing figure. The whole thing about [UNKNOWN] is, as you say it's probably a little bit awkward for her, but it's fantastic that there's someone who's 70 years old who looks that amazing on the red carpet and if you think about old Yves Saint Lauren When he used to do the smoking and he had the peak lapel tuxedo. You know the cumberbun, that pencil trouser, very very finely cut. I would love to see her wearing something like that on the red carpet. [UNKNOWN] played, I happen to come from the UK as well. And it's interesting. She is one of those emblems of fashion, always loves to have something it can't have. I think fashion's been trying to get its hands on her for decades, very much so, but because she is the woman who does as she pleases, quite clearly and respectively so, I think it'll be quite interesting if for once she decides to actually play with trend but just dip a toe. So for instance, a Charles Harbison maybe matched with a Michelle Elie. Or even something as silly as perhaps a Roland Mouret, but kind of a more day wear version on the red carpet. And perhaps, I mean, oddly enough, I would actually go back to [UNKNOWN] for her, simply because she's got the [UNKNOWN] element you speak of. If a beautiful silhouette and slim line back and white. Which again I think she can certainly play with al these brands. But also not be branded. I love Wed. Every single mid outlet has a wonderful days. What she actually did were And perhaps you could do that within the fray without actually representing the fray. Charlotte Rampling is everything we all grew up on. And she continues to be everything we're growing up with. I think really as to what she's going to wear, none of us can call this. We've just got to respect the mystery of it. Fair enough, I'll give one possibility though. She appeared in a Marc Jacobs advertizing campaign. She did, yes. Indeed. Two years ago. Mm. And there's a nice little parallel there in that Mark is a designer who has never been afraid to court controversy. So they could be kindred spirits in a sense, so I wouldn't I think that would actually be a nice moment to see. Definitely, I mean I think that she is beyond brand in a sense. But I also think it could be incredible if she did something like a a Sharon Stone. from way back when with the incredible white shirt, some insane jewels and tuxedo pants. Something just super simple and it's really all about that A beautiful face. She'll own it. She'll own it, whatever it is. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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