Celebrity Pets: Isaac Mizrahi Only Loves Handsome Dogs and How Julia Louis-Dreyfus Names Her Pooches

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Here's your dose of adorable for the day: Isaac Mizrahi invites you into his apartment for a play date with his two charming rescue dogs, Harry and Dean. In the video, the designer talks about his handsome best friends while we get a dogs'-eye-view of his fabulous New York City apartment.

The short film (shot by William Abranowicz) is the brainchild by Suzanne Donaldson, creator of the dog-centric website Mrs. Sizzle. The former magazine photo editor put her superb editorial and photography skills (and celebrity connections!) to use as she created an online hub for all things canine including art, chic products picks, celebrity interviews, gorgeous pet portraits, training tips, and more. "We try to entertain, inspire, and educate here at Mrs. Sizzle," Donaldson says. She describes the project as "a curated dog show about art, awareness, and rescue."

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Want more cuteness? Mrs. Sizzle got Julia Louis-Dreyfus to open up about her family tradition of naming their anipals. The Veep star and owner of five Emmy awards is a close friend of Donaldson's and proud mama to an adorable labradoodle.

"It's been a great labor of love," says Donaldson, of the site that has already amassed more than 16,000 followers since its launch last summer. "It's super fun and I feel like everybody loves being able to contribute something. Even if it's not necessarily rescuing, it's putting a stand on something that could be easily aware."

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 —With reporting from Wendy Sy

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