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From Sandra Bullock to Mariska Hargitay, check out the hottest celebrity wedding gowns.


[MUSIC] When the doors finally swung open, it was like a walking angel. My thought was, wow she looks unbelievably sexy in that wedding dress. Should brides look sexy? Yes. Okay. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Hollywood's hottest wedding gown designers say yes to sexy. Vera Wang brings a modern sensuality to her wedding design. A wedding dress certainly is a woman's personal statement about herself there's no question about it. The wonderful part about Jennifer is that, innocence mixed with sex appeal. So, when she phoned me about her wedding gown, I almost instinctively knew what I wanted to do for her. She was Feeling so happy and romantic and that's what I tried to convey with the dress. [MUSIC] On how Sanchez created a perfect marriage of style and attitude for Sandra Bullock's wedding day. The Sandra Bullock dress is all about And different fabric. I love all these parts of the bustier, the layers of tooled organza, you know, when you see the whole dress from the top it looks very sexy and a feminine soft. And I think that dress I will always remember as Sandra and only for Sandra. [MUSIC] And the most famous name in fashion, Giorgio Armani, designed the elegant wedding attire for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes entire wedding party, including baby Suri. [MUSIC] For Russell Crowe's wife Danielle, Mr. Armani detailed a silk organza gown with French lace, tulle and beading. When we talked about the dress, Danielle said she wanted to be elegant. And she wanted to be sexy. There's no reason why you should Simple to charge, looking chaste. [MUSIC] Who is it? Richard Tyler. He's great. Love him. Everything they do is fabulous, so. Tada. When a bride comes to us they really want to feel great that day. They want to feel sexy. It's not a dirty word to feel sexy on your wedding day. [MUSIC]
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