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We asked, they answered. You'll never guess what they divulge!


[MUSIC] All celebs look flawless on the red carpet, but some stars have their own brand of beauty. Some are known for their radiant skin, others for their killer hair. We asked our favorite stars, what kind of girl are you? Lashing out and looking great. Some A-listers love a good liner. I think I'm kind of the eyes girl. I like to play with my eyes and do fun stuff with them. I love to wear fake lashes. I have really long lashes. People always tell me to play up my eyes because they're very Green. So, I have fun with my eyes. People aren't talking to your hair. They are talking to your eyes. So, it's important. One thing I cannot live without, and I know people say this all the time, but my eyelash color. It makes such a difference. From burgundy to nude, these luscious lipped ladies are always high glossed. I can't take the dry lips. So, I always need like a lip balm or a lip moisturizer or lip gloss. I don't think that a perfect lipstick actually exists. I think you have to sort of mix and match to find that perfect shade for your skin tone. I'm definitely a lip gloss and mascara girl. I have a lotta lip stick to. Lip gloss more than lipstick I would say. A lotta lip gloss. Chap stick, or lip gloss. I have to have something on my lips or I'll gnaw them off. It's a horrible habit. [LAUGH] It's all about the skin with these radiating beauties. They love to let it glow. My friends come over to go, you know, they always come over to get ready at my house, because I always have, I've got like seven different kinds of skincare lines, I mean, I've just, I enjoy being a girl. [LAUGH] My skin gets inflamed a lot and thankfully I have a lot of really good people helping cover it up but I think it's something that everybody struggles with. I'm sort of simple. I kind of go for the really clean look. You know what's really good actually? That I started doing and started like telling make up artists to do is using a primer. It really works, right? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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