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Go behind the scenes with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's cake bakers and more!


[MUSIC] Hollywood's big names provide sweet inspiration for your wedding day. When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher tied the knot in 2005, they called up the Cake Divas, two of Hollywood's famed cake makers. Joan and Lee created this mouthwatering work of art in just 24 hours. When the coordinator called us, they didn't say it was a wedding. They said we're doing house warming and it's about thirty people, but can you make a cake for a hundred just because we wanna go over the top. When we get the call Monday morning and I said Joan. I think we made Demi and Ashton's cake. The cake that we made was a beautiful four tear stacked round cake. It has a blue fondant like the something blue at your wedding and then it had dark chocolate modelling circles that were lightly attached on the outside. On the inside it was french vanilla bean cake with a vanilla bean filling. It was sort of a twist on the white cake something very delicious and wonderful and we developed that just for that event. When Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown in 1992, Baker to the Stars, Sylvia Winestock sprinkled the cake with thousands of hand-cut sugar violets. The masterpiece stood over seven feet tall. In 2001 Tony Braxton wed singer Carey Lewis taking her love of Tiffany's to a whole new level. Guests thought her cake, designed by Classic Cheesecakes, was part of her gifts table until she cut into it. Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal needed a truly majestic dessert to top of their 2003 royalty themed reception. Elin Katz created an elaborate sled with three quilted pillows stacked on top. [MUSIC] It was amazing, because she actually had the detail in the pillow, like the quilting and the tassels and the crown at the top. It was beautiful. They did a wonderful job. There's no better way to sweeten the big day than with a one of a kind wedding cake. [MUSIC]
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