Celebrities and Their Moms Share Intimate Moments

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These proud mamas laugh with --and talk about! -- their famous kids.


[MUSIC]. Well, I think what made this photo shoot special is the fact that I got to have my mom here. It's fun for me to have her come out and get all dolled up for the photo shoot. So. I, I got to see what he goes through on a day, on a daily basis. And it's special because I'll get to show my friends back home. This is my mom. That's why we're here today. to be super fresh, to be InStyle. In style for InStyle. We sort of bounce things off each other and make each other think. So, it's a great relationship. If I had one word to describe it, it would be stellar. It doesn't mean perfect. And. It just means. And doesn't mean McCarthy either [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] The thing that I've learned most from my mother I guess would be the value of work and discipline. She was too tough sometimes, but I've learned to really appreciate that [LAUGH]. She wanted me to always be me in any situation. And so, if you raise me to talk to the world, I definitely can talk to her. [MUSIC]
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