Swarovski Celebrates 120th Anniversary with a New Video Series—Watch the Video Here Featuring Jimmy Choo

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This year marks the 120th anniversary of the luxurious crystal jewelry line, Swarovski. In celebration of the milestone, Swarovski is launching a video series that features the brand's creative collaborations through the years. In a video from the series seen above, Jimmy Choo's Creative Director Sandra Choi speaks to the beauty behind partnering with Swarovski.

"Jimmy Choo stands for unique designs with luxury finishes," said Choi. "Whenever we have an idea in mind that requires sparkle and a touch of glamour, we think of Swarovski. There's nothing like it."

Founded in Austria in 1895, Swarovski has long been known for its high-quality crystal jewelry, accessories, and decorative home items. Today, Swarovski's global reach has allowed for millions of people around the world to get their hands on the line's fashionable jewelry and evening bags. 

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Often spotted on the red carpet, Swarovski crystals are a celeb favorite among A-listers when accessorizing for Hollywood's most glamourous affairs. For instance, at this year's Berlin Film Festival, English actress Lily James was spotted wearing the Jimmy Choo 'Cinderella' shoe, which is covered in Swarovski crystals. 

"The Cinderella shoe has taken over my world," Choi said. "Lily James ... she chose Jimmy Choo and wore the [Cinderella Shoe] that we designed for the whole campaign. She looked amazing."

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Going forward, Swarovski will release one video per month, featuring leading designers and innovators with whom the brand has collaborated. When commenting on Jimmy Choo's collaboration with Swarovski, Choi says that she hopes to continue on with their partnership for the purpose of creating beautiful shoes.

"To be able to use Swarovski crystals is a dream. I hope to think that we are going to carry on that strong relationship," Choi says. " Swarovski providing the right kind of resources and [then] the designers can go away and dream up all of these crazy things because the future is endless."


[MUSIC] Jimmy Choo stands for unique designs with luxury finishes, and is to me the future of accessories for women, and for men. [MUSIC] Whenever we have an idea in mind that requires sparkle And the touch of glamour. We think of Swarovski. There's nothing like it. I know my crystal, quite well. And I know there's a certain aspect that they will play with in a design. [MUSIC] The Cinderella shoes, taken of my world. Lilly James. She chose Jimmy Choo and wore a pair we designed for the whole campaign and she looked amazing. And, when I told my little girl at home that Cinderella wore mommy's shoes, she was gobsmacked. [LAUGH] So, the Autumn into 15 collection is Bondage ballerina. It was not just the typical crystal reflection. It has a metallic play to it. And I married the whole thing with a Napa leather tie. I like how ballerina ties up their laces around their ankle, the whole thing is very emotional. [MUSIC] To be able to use mostly crystal is a dream. I hope to think that we're gonna carry on that strong relationship. Swarovski providing the right kind of resources and the designers to go away and dream up all these crazy things. The future is in us. [MUSIC]
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