Queer Eye Star Carson Kressley Reveals the Secret to the Show’s Success


Ready for a fashion flashback? We're talking about the early 2000s, when Bravo’s hit TV show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, was taking guys in desperate need of a makeover, and introducing them to a dramatic, in-your-face crew of gay men with innate good tastes and a knack for transforming someone’s style. And as the show’s ringleader, Carson Kressley, explains in the video above, the key to nailing the perfect Queer Eye episode was finding the right guy: sometimes the more clueless the better! 

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See what else Kressly reveals about the series in the video, above!


[MUSIC] I kind of want to ask you **** Eye For The Straight Guy stuff. Please. I remember watching thinking that I would have liked a **** eyed. To be **** eyed. To come over, yeah. [MUSIC] It doesn't work that way, Jenny Hunt. I know. Because it's based on need, for the scholarship, or like missionary work. [LAUGH] Go and give to those that need them. The straight guys We're in desperate need. Yeah, some of them were for sure. You're doing so much better now, straight guys. [LAUGH] Yes, I feel like you guys launched a whole trend like metrosexual. Right, exactly. And that it's cool to care. It's okay to use products! Yes, it is okay. Okay? You don't have to wear pleated khakis, there's an alternative. By the way, the alternative is necessity Thank you. There's never a reason to wear cleats. No, they just add bulk. [MUSIC]
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