Fashion Expert Carson Kressley Takes to the Treadmill to Discuss His Multifaceted Projects 

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Emmy-award winning TV personality Carson Kressley rose to fame with his starring role in Bravo’s early 2000s reality show Queen Eye for the Straight Guy, but the hilarious makeover-inspired hit isn’t his only impressive accomplishment. In the video above, Kressley teams up with PowerwomenTV to discuss all of his memorable projects—all while working out on a treadmill. The video proves that for a stylist-turned-household-name, the secret to having it all is multitasking. As you'll learn, his projects extend outside of the silver screen and can even be found in the children’s section of your local bookstore.

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Watch the full, inspiring video above.


[MUSIC] We're here at Avenue in New York City which is this really super cool club. And next to me as you can see is carson kressley. I can't believe I'm on day watch. [MUSIC] Let's talk about how many movies you've done. Yes! Okay. Cuz oh my goodness, you've done television. You're one of the first **** eyes for the straight guy guys. You won an Emmy for that. Check yes. How to look good naked. Which box of wine and dimmer switch, if you don't have the show you can just do it at home with that. And you have the book which I think is the sweetest. You're different and that's super. Yeah. If you're a gay kid, it's okay. Right. Or even if you're a chubby kid, or a tall kid, it's just about being different is okay. It's actually cool. Yeah. It's a beautiful message and it is cool. That's exactly right. [MUSIC]
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