Carrie Underwood's Cover Shoot

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Go behind the scenes of the country superstar's cover shoot as she talks style on the road and red carpet.


[MUSIC] We're doing the cover and some insights stuff for InStyle magazine. We came out to this house in Beverly Hills and use the house for a while, and had some really great retro looks. The most fun part about doing photo shoots is seeing the end results. Just seeing a magazine on the stands, that has me on the cover, is really cool. My personal style, I think, changes day to day. I love sweats. I think I, I do enough glamming up for award shows and whatnot that I can. I can wear sweats whenever I want, and it kind of evens itself out. I really don't think about award shows pretty much until the day they are there. I try not to stress out about them too far in advance. That day it's just all about looking pretty, so I sit back and let everyone else do the work. [LAUGH] There's a lot of great fashion divas out there. Charlize Theron looks awesome all the time. Katheirne Heigle, I think, has just been looking great. I've always liked Reese Witherspoon, I like the things she wears because I think they might look good on me too. This summer I'll be out on tour, so mainly it'll just be about, you know, not sweating to death on stage and being comfortable. I don 't think anybody could have exactly predicted the life that I lead now. If you ask my mom, she'd say something like, oh, we just knew you know, she, she knew in her heart, but I don't think anybody could've exactly predicted this. [MUSIC]
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