VIDEO: How to Get a Body Like Carrie Underwood's 

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Whatever Carrie Underwood is doing to maintain her svelte physique, it’s certainly working. Which is precisely why we turned to the star’s trainer and author of The 4x4 Diet, Erin Oprea, for the scoop on how she stays in shape.

In the video above, Oprea shows me a full body move she does on Underwood that works everything from the arms to the legs (with some core thrown in for good measure!).

To begin, go into a lunge and hold it, then straighten both legs, extending your arms out in front of you. Then, twist your body, making sure not to let your elbows bend. Next, take it back to the center, then stand up straight.

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Oprea recommends 12 to 15 reps for 3 rounds, 2 to 3 times a week, starting out with lighter weights (she recommends 3 pounds) and working your way up to 10 pound weights as you progress with the move.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Erin Oprea, author of the 4x4 Diet and celebrity trainer. And today She's going to show us how to get a body like Carrie Underwood. Now what is the move we are doing today? It's a full body move, right? Yes, today we're doing a full body move, we're going to go into a lunge with a twist, so what we're going to is we're going to hold down in the lunge form Straighten your legs, or our arms all the way out, go down, hold down here, you're going to twist, not letting your elbows bend, take it back to the center, and stand. You wanna make sure you keep your core nice and tight on these. Okay. Your turn! My turn. So there, arms straight, keep your core engaged. This is the hard part. Twisting that knee that's forward. Take it back to the center, now stand. Drop it back down, twist to the side, back to the center, and stand. Make sure you continue to breathe. Do not hold your breath. There you go, that looks good! That's why it's working your core, too. I can feel it in my core for sure, and my legs, and my glutes. You look great. My arms. There you go. Pretty much everywhere. Let's switch legs. One side can't have all the fun. So how many reps do you recommend of this exercise? So we're gonna do 12 to 15 reps for 3 rounds. And how many times a week would you recommend? You can do them a couple times a week, but not back to back. Start out pretty light weight on this one, you can go anywhere from three to ten. Ten's pretty heavy for this exercise. And I have six right here, right? This is a six-pound medicine ball. So this is pretty good. I'm doing good, right? You're doing great. Nice job. Thank you. I feel it in so many different spots. I feel like it's a very good full-body move. Great. Good job. [SOUND] Awesome.
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