Carrie Underwood should just go ahead and start calling herself a makeup artist because she's starting to have a lot of experience to list on her resume. Not only is she often her own glam squad for performances, but she's admitted to applying makeup on her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher. But to be fair, he kind of asked for her assistance before she went layering on the concealer. 

"I have actually put makeup on my husband," she told InStyle while playing our beauty edition of Never Have I Ever. "He plays hockey, so sometimes he gets bruises or cuts on his face and stuff like that. And if we have a red carpet, I'll be like, 'Can I take care of that?".

But that's not nearly the only juicy confession Underwood spilled during her segment. Apparently she's had some bad experiences cutting her own hair (like all of us) and has even attempted to go incognito in a wig (not quite like all of us).

Hit the play button to learn all of Underwood's beauty secrets in full detail.