Carrie Underwood: 60 Seconds of Style

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Go behind the scenes of our December cover shoot.


[MUSIC] My last InStyle cover. I can't believe is been over two years. Wow. It's pretty awesome. I feel like I've grown up a lot and I'm honored that they asked me to come back and, and do another one. [MUSIC] My personal style is kinda all over the place. When I'm at home I'm loving my sweatpants and just comfy clothes and things like that. I always attempt to do my hair and makeup just because I feel better. When I walk in front of a mirror, I just feel better if I'm a little done. I think shoes can give the most confidence. It makes you stand straighter, makes you walk a little taller. A pair of hot shoes can just make you feel awesome. [MUSIC] It's hard to pinpoint one thing that makes me feel beautiful. But I think probably we all feel our most beautiful when we're just comfortable. And we're not thinking about, how good or bad we look. It's just about being around people that you love. [MUSIC]
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