Carrie Underwood


Country music's new darling names her favorite old records and the artists who have inspired her the most.


[MUSIC] We wanted to do something that kinda represented my musical background, I guess. And a way to bring all of the women that I grew up listening to, and admire so much, into the photo shoot. My sister had a record player, and I listened to everything, you know? We had all kinds of, you know, old records. There should have been so many more women that can before me. Like Tammy Wynette and Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. You know, she's the original blonde. [LAUGH] Reba McEntire and people like that, you know, that have really made a name for themselves, and people love and admire and You know, still respect. I love all kinds of music. So I'd say, if anything, other kinds of music might inspire me more than anything.
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