Can Gwyneth Paltrow Make Me a Better Person?


What does it take to be Gwyneth Paltrow? In honor of the actress' February cover, InStyle's editor-in-chief Laura Brown attempts to find out. 

Watch the videos to see Brown attempt to become a better person by making a green juice from Paltrow's book and doing a few yoga poses. ("Yoga! I've heard of it!" Brown said.) Turns out, being Gwyn ain't as easy as it looks. 



[MUSIC] We can do a little yoga, if you want to. Yoga? I heard of it. You might want to take those off. [MUSIC] Close your eyes and take a deep breathe and step your right foot back behind you. [UNKNOWN] like this. With Jazz hands? Just no jazz hands. Straight hands and look at your middle finger. This one? [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay now, step back to the front. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] Anderson. You wanna do some [UNKNOWN] Anderson? This is hopeless. That was about seven seconds. Is that it? Mm-hm. That's all you got? [MUSIC] What? Know what? What? Being Gwyneth Paltrow's really hard. I know, how do you think I feel? [SOUND] This is actually exactly how be Gwyneth Paltrow. Pinot noir. I knew it was you. Cheers.
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