Cameron Diaz on the 5 Things That Keep Her Looking So Incredibly Good (and Her Newfound Relationship with French Fries)

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A few years ago when Cameron Diaz turned 39, journalists consistently started asking her how she felt about turning 40. And the experience prompted the now 43-year-old actress to ask herself an important question: "Why should I be afraid, is there something that is going to happen?"

During a candid interview with InStyle, the actress explained. "At the age of 39 I was feeling great—I was very excited about turning 40," she said. "And I thought, I get it: They're saying, 'Aren't you afraid that the end of your career is about to happen because you're turning 40?' And I thought, that is just so crazy to me—that that's the way our society looks at aging."

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This led to the actress's research into the process of aging, which folded into her newly released second book, The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time ($17;

In the video above, the established author—who spent 26 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list with 2013's The Body Book ($15;—shares her thoughts on aging, the one thing she has stopped doing on her 40s, and the five pillars that keep her feeling young and beautiful every day.

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Watch the clip at top to see Diaz wax poetic about women embracing their age, instead of being frightened of it. Cam, we certainly love you for that.


[MUSIC] I started getting asked these questions when I was about 39 by journalists that were all saying, you're turning 40 soon, are you afraid to turn 40? aren't you so afraid to turn 40, and I thought why should I be afraid, what am I, why should I be afraid? [LAUGH] Is there something gonna happen. Cuz at the time. At 39 I was feeling really great, I didn't think anything about 40, I was very excited about turning 40. And I thought, I get it, they're saying, aren't you afraid that the end of your career is about to happen because you're turning 40. And I thought, that is just so crazy to me that that's the way our society looks at aging. So, I thought, I wanna know why people are so scared of aging. I thought, of course, they don't understand it. I don't even know what aging is. What is aging? Sure, I have wrinkles. I'm getting older, my flesh is different. Things are different, but what is aging? And I thought, you can't really understand aging, if you don't understand what it does, what happens to us on a cellular level. [MUSIC] Beauty comes from within. It's amazing thing that we talk about as we grow older. This decline is going to make us less beautiful, but I actually think that it makes people more beautiful, the more that we can accept ourselves. And being ourselves. As you get older you just don't care what other people think anymore. [LAUGH] You're like whatever. [LAUGH] I have, as I've gotten older, dropped off of eating like French fries every day, whatever. It just had to happen [LAUGH] For many reasons. Just make that time for meditation, to eat well, to move my body, to relieve stress, to get a good night's sleep, to connect with the people that I love. Those are the five pillars of well-being. Eating well, good physical activity, good night's sleep, relieving stress, and loving, meaningful relationships. That's it? Well, that's what I do every day. That's life, that's living that's everything that everyone on the planet basically has to accomplish in a day, right? So if that's all it is, if aging is, if all aging is, is living, then that's amazing.
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