Watch the Britney Spears Biopic Star Try to Answer Britney Spears Trivia 

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For Natasha Bassett, landing the lead role in Lifetime’s new Britney Spears biopic was the ultimate dream come true. “I grew up performing catwalks in my bedroom to her music, and I held my hairbrush microphone in my hand pretending to be Britney Spears in the mirror,” the 24-year-old Britney Ever After star said during a visit to InStyle’s New York City offices earlier this week. “So I think I had a bit of practice.”

The Australian actress was more than ready to strut her stuff in the pop princess’s most iconic outfits when recreating her unforgettable performances on-camera. “The hardest routine to learn for the movie was ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,’ and it actually ended up being the most fun performance to do,” said Bassett. “But ‘Oops I Did It Again’ is my favorite Britney song—I’m obsessed with that music video.”

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While she may have already been a superfan, Bassett was surprised to learn even more fun facts about Spears during filming. “It was really interesting to learn that Britney writes a lot of her own songs and creates a lot of the concepts for the music videos,” said Bassett. “For example, I didn’t know that the music video for ‘…Baby One More Time’ was actually her idea. The director wanted to film it as an animated video, presenting Britney as a Power Ranger character, and she thought that was ridiculous and joked to her mom that they’d kick her out of the country if she did that. So she came up with the idea to play a schoolgirl dancing around the school hallway and that ended up being the third most popular music video in history. Not many people know that fact.”

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We decided to put Bassett’s knowledge to the test with some Britney 101 trivia to find out how well she really got to know the star’s story before portraying her on TV. Press play on the video above to see how she did, and catch Britney Ever After on Feb. 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


Hi, I'm Natasha Bassett and I'm playing Britney Spears in Lifetime's Britney Every After. And we're gonna play a fun game of Britney Spears Trivia. False, Britney was not born Kentwood, Louisiana. She was born in McComb Mississippi. Mississippi, but she was brought up in Kentwood, Louisiana. [MUSIC] Do people just think that the sport she played in high school was basketball because of the Baby One More Time music video? Because I don't think that's true. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Britney was way too young to be in a Pepsi commercial in 1993. False. [MUSIC] True, 80% sure, true. True. [MUSIC] No, Britney did not join the Mickey Mouse Club in 1990, she would have been, a very small child. I mean, she was a small child, but she wasn't that. [MUSIC] No, Britney was not the opening act for the Backstreet Boys. She was opening act for NSYNC but I wish she was the opening act for Backstreet Boys cuz that was the first concert I ever went to. [MUSIC] Snake was called Banana in Slave 4 U, a bright yellow python. And I had to re-enact that and it was awful. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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