Bree Turner's Cover Shoot

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Get a sneak peek at Bree Turner's In Style Weddings cover shoot.


[MUSIC] Bree Turner played a nervous bride in The Wedding Planner. When she posed for the cover of InStyle Celebrity Weddings, just days before saying I do. She was calm, cool and collected. Shooting the cover, the last couple days has been honestly a dream. It really has to try on all these dresses with this jewelry, and the hair and make up. It's just been really a spectacular two day shoot. That Vera Wang the gun metal gray one. With that train and the like, hello-ness of the back, and the roses. I've never worn anything that fabulous in my life, so that was a highlight. Funny enough, I think I probably spent more, I spent more time Thinking of what I wear everyday to the grocery store than I did with my own wedding dress. So I was just thinking oh, I just wanna be simple with a sheath and, and as a joke in this store with my, with my mother and my grandmother I found the poofiest dress I could find just to make everyone laugh. And happen to be a Monique dress and it's it's called Swan Lake. Looks like a giant ballerina costume. [LAUGH] And I put it on to put everyone laugh and I, the second I put it on I just started twirling and jumping and I just felt like just. Beautiful and, and feminine and like a bride. [MUSIC] I'm marrying this, the most dynamic, sweet, wonderful man. His name is Justin and we actually got engaged here in New York city. This is it, its very pretty. [LAUGH] I love this ring because it is simple and it is classic. My wedding has turned into a full family affair. It's actually it's very personal very sentimental. My mother single handedly planned this wedding. She has coordinated everything and it's has really been smooth. What I'm nervous about the most for my wedding day is crying alot. Cause I'm kind of a, a ugly crier. Like, my face gets a little red and puffy. I'm also totally going to lose it if, when I see my father cry, which he will because he's a softie. I'm afraid Justin's gonna cry and then I'm gonna cry. Everything else just seems like a cakewalk compared to me controlling my emotions. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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