Blowouts that Last

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Oscar Blandi shares his tips to extend the life of your blowout.


[SOUND] You've gone to the salon. You spend hours and you spend money to have your beautiful perfect blow dry. So today I'm gonna to teach you step by step how to extend the life of your blow dry with a very few easy steps. So the first and foremost I always suggest a dry shampoo. I pour it on the palm of my hands and distribute it evenly everywhere Go underneath and start to give a massage. I'm absorbing all the excessive oil, all the product build-up and instantly I'm starting to work to give the hair more body. This is one of the solution. Another things you can do, use accessory, there's a lot of accessory out there. I always love to take this tiny little section You've probably seen this look in a magazine. You've seen this look in a movie and everybody pretty much is wearing. And what do you need is a simple bobby pins. Pushing your hair going back, twist it. Don't pull too tight, because you don't want something really flat. You just want to get a little body, a natural body. And secure. I always, it's just you can do half-up and half-down. Which are the one I do half-up, half-down, I just always try to go high on the crown where. So let's just say you know that your hair has a tendency to get flat. Just the naturally as it is, start the taking from behind your ear, you simply collect your hair all the way in one big clump. You clip it, and you hold it. What this look does is soften around your face. You have kept everything as your hairdresser done for you. You just revive your look. Other things you can do with your hair, you can just pull your hair on a ponytail. The most important things when it comes down to ponytail is understand where the ponytail goes. try to take the look what's your best profile for you. Sometime if it's too high, it has the tendency to keep your jawline much longer. From the hairline in the back here, I always take an inch To an inch and a half. Say where does it create a line from your face, and connect it to the pony tail. Comb it with your hands, it's always looks pretty when it's naturally combed instead of when it's perfectly brushed. Then you secure your hair in a pony tail, and again, you can also have a rubber band, with accessory attached. I always go on the front, and then just gently with the palm of my finger, I just push out, a little bit. Don't have the perfect sleek back. Think about your hair as your play field. You can play in any possible ways. So have fun. Have a good time and enjoy it. [MUSIC]

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