Black Women in Music Celebs Share Their #BlackGirlMagic Moments


Essence Live hit the red carpet at Essence's Black Women in Music event to find out which Black Girl Magic moments celebs loved most.


[MUSIC] Thank you so much guys. Hey, Alicia Renee here, on the red carpet for Essence Women in Music. I'm so excited. The ladies of the hour of course, both Grammy nominated, Andra Day, and Jazmine Sullivan. Say she'll be here in a minute, let's see who else we can catch on this lovely red carpet. [MUSIC] Jazmine Sullivan, first of all, you smell lovely, you look beautiful. Thank you. What has been a black girl magic moment in your opinion? Recently, Beyonce's new video, I think is wonderful, it speaks volumes. I'm sure everyone is saying the Superbowl. Bowl. Beyonce's super bowl. > I think it was important and I feel like it was a beautiful thing. It's an interesting and a difficult time I guess for sort of race politics in this country and I think people who are showing a lot Diverse in like media and social media. I always like to see Willow Smith and how positive Yeah. and sort of where out she is. Yeah. When I think of black girl magic. Yeah. I think of there was actually a moment that I experienced personally with Lauren Hill who's musically one of my idols. She's an incredible woman and I just thanked her. I thanked her for who she is. I thanked you for thanked her For making music that was truthful no matter the criticism. And she told me, she said just to remind me. She said we're witnesses, and that's what we're here to do and you'll be fine if you remember that. And so that really just stuck with me. It was amazing. Okay this is going to sound strange. But becoming a teenager I think made me more aware of all of the magic around me. I guess it was performing for the president, and Yeah for potus and flotus at the white house that was a phenomenal. Not just sharing the direction. Yeah phenomenal moment. What is your black girl magic moment over the last year? Our February cover where we celebrated black women across all different genres. I just want to acknowledge all the great things that are happening. You know the little justices that are happening. We have that. We are doing amazing things B went out there at the Superbowl and killed. [UNKNOWN] Exists. I never thought that I could see so many amazing, beautiful, talented women. Just us women taking over, just in every field and everything that we do. We're just so powerful [INAUDIBLE] So strong and everything. All right guys, that is it for me. I'm gonna head inside and enjoy myself at this lovely event. Essence, women and music. Thank you so much for having me guys. I'm Alicia Renee
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