Best Grammys Fashion

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The wild, the wacky and the wearable from the biggest night in music.


[MUSIC] The Grammys stood out this year for three reasons. One, not a single country music star dresses like she was brought up by Loretta Lynn. Number two, the cast of Glee no longer shows up as a Brownie Troupe. They come one by one by one. And third, and most important, the Grammys have gone back to being what they should be about. Which is about being bigger, bolder and out of this world. Let's start with Gaga and last year she kind of knocked everybody out because she created the most unexpected combination. Which was Lady Gaga, Giorgio Armani. She came on and had those series of sort of intergalactic outfits. So okay how do you top this? Her costume, it was a little bit I Dream of Jeannie. This should be all about theater, it should be all about show. And what Lady Gaga did, she changed the entire playing field. It's not enough just to show up looking pretty. Rihanna realized, you can't just come on looking like a lovely young woman anymore. It has to be theatre, it has to have dimension. So, we basically get mix of a sheer, and, and, organdy striped horizontal dress that has panels, we basically see, lot's of Rihanna! Covering up strategic places. And then when it's time to go on stage, yes she's wearing a mad Dior spring haute couture dress. It looks like this explosion of sort of yellow, and red, and black. It has everything to do with show. Florence Welch is a newcomer and her dress, if you looked at it quickly it just seems like it was sheer and it looked like lace but actually it was a series of ducks and swans coming this way with feathers all coarsing around the back. You can compare it to the Bjork swan dress except this was far more attractive. When you look a the rest of the red carpet, yeah there are still some people who dress pretty. [MUSIC] I mean, Nicole Kidman's gonna come dressing pretty. But if you're gonna be a rock star, I think then you really have to show up and do a Nicki Minaj. You come in this sorta bouffant and leopard-print creation that has nothing to do with leopard and has everything to do with the spectacular.
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