See How to Get Bella Hadid's Gorgeous Lashes With the Best Mascara of 2017

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No need to break out the falsies here. Armed with a tube of Diorshow Mascara ($29;, makeup artist Daniel Martin demonstrates exactly he creates Bella Hadid's lush, feathery lashes with a few artful sweeps of the brush. "Mascara is that one thing that finishes anybody's look, so if you're going to invest in makeup, I would say mascara is definitely something you want to invest in," he tells us.

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The classic, blacker-than-black formula has been a staple in our Best Beauty Buys for years now, and with good reason—the volumizing and lengthening qualities can stretch even the shortest lashes to Bambi-esque levels, and it won't clump regardless of the amount you pile on. Hit play on the video above to get the step-by-step instructions in full.


Mascara is that one thing that finishes anybody's look. So if you're going to invest in makeup, I would say mascara's definitely something that you invest in.>> All right. Make me Bella. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Ruthie from InStyle, and I am here with the fantastic Daniel Martin who does some of your favorite celebrities' makeup. I'm talking about Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, And today he's gonna show me how to get Bella Hadid's amazing lashes. So the mascara that you are using today to make me Bella Hadid, not just look like her, to make me actually Bella- [LAUGH] Is one of our best beauty buys, and it has been for so long. And I'm not surprised, because it's actually the first luxury beauty product I ever bought. Really? I saved my allowance for three weeks, and I bought it. And it was The best decision I've ever made. So I always like to curl the lash because curling the lash will definitely hold the look. [MUSIC] Now, I'm gonna apply the mascara. [SOUND] The trick to this is to really distribute the mascara balance on your lashes. I'm gonna wiggle it at the base because that's what's gonna give you that definition. Especially when you have a shorter lash. What are you saying? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] And they're separated, and that's the trick, is get it at the base of the lash and you pull up on the mascara. You're gonna want this to look like you have liner. What I love about this mascara is that you You can just keep building and building, and it doesn't clump. Yeah, so that really opens up your eye a lot. So I'm just gonna add a bit more pink to your cheek, and a little bit on your lip. But I think you're pretty much done. Bella's look was very clean, very natural. The lashes were the focus. Thank you so much. You're welcome. I think I look beautiful. Only complimented by my nails which are like party. Also a best beauty buy. So Dior 999, because one 9 was not enough? Nope. [LAUGH] Thank you so much. You're welcome [UNKNOWN], thank you. [MUSIC]

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