See How NARS' Iconic Orgasm Blush Works on Every Skin Tone

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NARS' Orgasm blush ($30; is one of those famed products that basically speaks for itself. Designed to mimic that unmistakable post-coitus glow, the powder blush is a happy medium between warm peach and petal pink, infused with the perfect amount of shimmer. It can double as a highlighter on darker skin tones, but isn't too intense for the paler end of the spectrum.

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With his blush brush in hand, we asked makeup artist Vincent Oquendo to demonstrate how four different skin tones can pull off the universal color. Hit play on the video above to see each of his techniques.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo and I'm here to show you how this best beauty by iconic color can be used on any skin tone. I love to use orgasm on a person's skin tone, around the contours of the face. It warms up the entire look and it's kind of a little nod to the eighties. It's perfect on an ivory skin tone. I concentrate the blush on the apples of the cheek, because it gives you that really beautiful frost-bitten look, which is perfect for ivory skin tones. On a caramel skin tone, the color is really subtle, so it gives you that Pinched cheek look, but it has that shimmer, so it photographs really well. If you have a deeper skin tone, you can really see the highlights and appreciate that. So that's why i swing it around and I do it on the eyelid, cuz it gives you a really nice sparkle on t he lid, but then it gives you warmth for on the cheekbone, [MUSIC]
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