See How to Use MAC's Spice Lip Pencil on Four Different Skin Tones

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If you're familiar with MAC's lineup, chances are, the brand's Spice lip pencil ($18; was your gateway into the always-expanding range. It's been a winner in our annual Best Beauty Buys for over 10 years, and for good reason—the blendable formula spreads so easily, it can double as a lipstick, and it looks fantastic on every skin tone.

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To drive the point home, we asked makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who works with Ashley Graham and Hailey Baldwin, to demonstrate how the color can work on four InStyle staffers. Hit play on the video above to see exactly how you can try out each method.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm celebrity makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo and I'm here to show you how this Best Beauty Buy iconic color can be used on any skin tone. Spice lip liner is absolutely perfect for reshaping the lips on an ivory skin tone. So in this case, I'm pushing the All of her lips in making it a little bit more heart-shaped. In this case, I'm using it as a lipstick. I love it because lip liners are long wear. On our deeper skin tones, it's the perfect neutral. For [UNKNOWN] Most skin sounds it's perfect. I used it as a lipliner shaded in the sides a little bit and I smudge it with my finger beautiful ombre 90's super model sheek. I define the bow of the lip. Lips and filled in the whole lower lip. I finished the look off by blending it with my finger so it puckers the lips, which is perfect for a porcelain skin tone. [MUSIC]
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