Best Beauty Buys Winners At Work: EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

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[MUSIC] I love the Elta MD sunscreen primarily because it is very lightweight. The Elta MD is my favorite sunscreen. It has a physical sun block in it which is zinc oxide but you can't tell because it's so sheer you can use it on skin as dark as mine. It has a little bit of lactic acid Which is fantastic for refining the pores It also has some niacinamide which is a B vitamin. It's great for people who have acne, rosacea or anything that's inflammatory in their skin. Overall, it's just a great combination of medications for beauty and protection. I tell patients to wash their face, put any treatment products they need to put on first And then, they put their sunscreen on. If you're gonna put moisturizer on, I would put it on before putting on the sunscreen. And if you need you use a mineral makeup or anything after that, you can apply it after the [UNKNOWN]. It is important to use it every day because you get a lot of reflected light off of snow In the wintertime, you get a lot of filtered light through clouds. It's kind of that nice midline product that you can use between both the summer months and the winter months. And be careful when you apply your product that you are covering everywhere, not just the middle of your face. But the whole face, ears, and the neck. These are the areas that are exposed every single day of the year. [MUSIC]
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