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Best Beauty Buys are such a massive project that we start nine months in advance. We start in August, and it runs in our May issue. And we really start by interviewing apparel of celebrities, dermatologists, makeup artists, manicurists, and hair stylists about their must-have products, their products that they go to, the products that they keep in their kits. The products that they recommend to their, to their clients. Just whatever is really tried and true. What they rely on. So once we get the results from the survey, we have a whole team of interns and assistants that are specifically dedicated to Best Beauty Buys. We get the results, tally the results, and then we call in over 1,000 products. And that's. Wow. When we start our testing pro, our testing process. So of course you're gonna have those products that win year after year. Those tried and true staples. [INAUDIBLE] Hair spray. But this year, there were some surprises. Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation has won consecutively for over a decade. And this year, their new Maestro Foundation won. So that was really surprising. But the formula's amazing and people will love it. These people really resonate with Best Beauty Buys, because it's like the beauty Bible. Everything's in there, the best of the best. We're interviewing the top celebrity experts and they're telling us what they really use. If you wanna know what the best cleanser for oily skin is, it's in there. You can rip it out, put it in your purse, frame it for a year, and you have everything. [LAUGH] We have our Editor's pick section, and this is the section that allows us editors to talk about the products that we actually love. They're new products that have launched over the last year. A personal favorite of mine that made it in this year's list is Sarah Potempa's new cordless flat iron. I absolutely love it. It's a genius product. You can put it in your purse and touch up on, for touch ups on the go.
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