How to create Bella's waves and curls


[MUSIC] Hi, this Chelsea. Chelsea's gonna be our Bella model today. So I've put some heat protected cream in her hair. I've sectioned her off as you can see and that's really just for control so you don't have a lot of hair to deal with when you're drying. I'm gonna use a large round brush to get the, natural curl out of her hair while still keeping the body in. And then I'm gonna go in with the iron and put in Bella's loose waves. So here we go. [SOUND] When you're drying hair, it's always important to go in and dry your roots. And then the middle and then the ends, and that's the best way to get a good blow dry. This brush I really love because the size of the barrel is fantastic, because you can do long hair, and you can do big enough sections, and it makes it much quicker for you in the mornings. And also, as you can see, it's got a ceramic barrel, and the air flows straight through it, so it. Keeps up the hair really nicely, and it gives you a really, really great body. I mean, it, it sets the hair as you go which is really nice. Okay. So now we're done with the blow dry, and we're gonna go in and section the hair again. I'm gonna do two sections just like I did when I dried it just again for control. So, I always like to run iron down the shaft of the hair. When you start at the top, don't let your clip go all the way because it'll make a mark in the hair. So if you just stick the iron in kind a hold the clip a little bit run it down want that hair up, and then go in and start at the bottom make sure you get your tip into that iron, so that you don't have a fish hook at the bottom, and then let it go. See how nice and loose and pretty that is? They all fight on this iron's fantastic, [UNKNOWN] which will give you a big, loose, beautiful curl. And we just do the same thing all the way up her hair. I'm working with a really hot iron because I work fast [MUSIC] So I don't leave it in very long. But when you're doing it at home depending on how hot your iron is, you can leave it in, you know, 5 to 10 seconds, whatever you think. Wherever you, if you feeling your hair like this, once you feel that heat through your hair it's time to let go. During the filming Bella, the character of Bella, was the only one actually that I didn't create. She had Kristen had her own hair stylist, but this is what I would do to recreate that look. This has a ceramic barrel, which is really great, because the heat disperses very evenly; you don't have hot spots or cold spots. And it also recovers very quickly, because as you do hair, of course your barrel's gonna cool off because it's heating up the hair. But with this iron, it recovers very, very quickly, so you never have like, one section of the hair that didn't curl properly. When you get to the front of the hair, you want to angle your iron so that you can get your ends done. And you're just gonna feed it through, as you go, as you wind, and everything's secure. Then you can wind your end back in. [MUSIC] And that pretty pearl that's kind of going towards her face, framing it nicely. See as I've gotten towards the top I've got a section short that's rectangular, short enough to feed into my iron. And I'm going to 90 degree angle and giving it some height at the top. Slide your iron out, you kind of like to use. This here clip, to loosen your hair just kinda like that, so that you don't lose that curl so that when you take your iron out you still have a curl there and your not pulling out with the heat. When you curl the hair back this way, you can part it anywhere you want, cause you're gonna have the same volume everywhere. Whether you part in the middle or the side, whatever you want to do, if you want to comb your hair back. You've got that nice height and volume and you don't have like a weird flat spot at your part line. When you over direct hair, it gives you more volume cause you're going against the growth pattern. So, you're gonna get a nice lift at the root. Reach your hand through. I mean, that's really a beautiful curl. Lean forward for me, Chelsea. I'm just gonna put my fingers through your hair. This gives you A nice volume and it also shakes your curls out in a really natural way. So at this point you can, you know, use a little hair spray. Get some volume in there. Put some air through it. Now flip your head back. Look at that, gorgeous. We really don't have to even really do much more than that. [MUSIC] You've got dull hair. [MUSIC]
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