Girls’s Zosia Mamet: “Shoshanna’s Style Is the Exact Opposite of Mine”

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With her tattoos and zest for adventure, Zosia Mamet couldn’t be further from her uptight Girls's character Shoshanna Shapiro. (To wit: The interview for our January profile of the actress was conducted at a Korean-vegetarian restaurant in N.Y.C. that has a strict no-shoes policy.) She is, however, as close as a celebrity can get to someone we’d love to have as our BFF.

The daughter of actress Lindsay Crouse and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet, the 25-year-old was born with creativity in her blood. In addition to acting, Mamet also sings and writes the songs for her band, Cabin. And now, thanks to a move from L.A. to New York, she’s also getting more creative with her wardrobe. “My style was awakened when I moved,” she tells us in the January issue, on newsstands now. “There’s an unspoken invitation to style freedom in N.Y.C. I never realized how much I like to experiment, and you are welcome to do that here.”

For more of Mamet's take on Shoshanna’s style vs. her own, how her dad taught her about fashion, and what her boyfriend thinks of her self-proclaimed “wacky” wardrobe, watch the above behind-the-scenes video from our shoot with the star.

And to read the full interview with Zosia Mamet, pick up a copy of the January InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Zosia Mamet and this is my InStyle shoot. A lot of the look today were definitely something that I would wear. There's a lot of interesting texture and sort of funky pattern. I got to wear a Sella Mcarty dress that had an embroidered heart and lips on my boobs which I really loved. It was tank, kind of fabulous. My dad is very into fashion and style and he had a clothing line for a while and he kind of taught me all about the way things feel. That they should feel really good and, and interesting and fun. And so that's what kind of, stoked my fire initially. I think every day is sort of like dress-up and it's fun to wear super wacky things. The response I get the most from my boyfriend when leaving the house is, you're wearing that. But he's wonderfully supportive. Shoshanna's style is I think the exact opposite of mine. We're intrinsically opposite human beings. It's very specific, there's a lot of pink. I think she likes something tailored. I don't think Shashonna would ever wear a shift dress. I think she would refer to it as a sack, probably. Whereas. My favorite dress is a dress that my boyfriend calls the sex dress, that I would live in, if I could. I don't know where she gets her hair style from. But they, they come from somewhere. It's like an amalgamation of every fashion magazine ever and like probably some from Japan. I remember the doughnut. I remember my double French braid from the wedding, because I would take it out at night, and literally like my eyes would come in like four inches. Because it was so tight. The thing I love about Shashauna is how unabashed she is. You know, she puts her foot in her mouth so often, but she doesn't apologize for it. And she's very worried about what other people think, but she still really does her own thing. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
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