Go Behind the Scenes with Mindy Kaling at Her June InStyle Cover Shoot 

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Mindy Kaling has had quite the week. Not only was she overwhelmed by the support from fans over the cancellation of her show, The Mindy Project, but it also was revealed that she is InStyle’s June cover girl, marking the first time an Indian-American has appeared on our cover.

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And what a cover it is. Kaling looks radiant in a dress by Michael Kors, Ippolita earrings, and rings by Pomellato. (In fact, she loved the dress so much she said she wanted to wear it to pal Allison Williams’s upcoming wedding.) Photographed by Bjarne Jonasson on the tranquil shores of Malibu, the 35-year-old sipped on green juice with ginger and lemon in between takes. “Mindy felt like she was on vacation,” says InStyle’s creative director Rina Stone. “She loved the effortless fashion—a change from her usual approach.”

Bjarne Jonasson

That approach, which she details in the video above, includes the occasional splurge. “After Season 1 of The Mindy Project, I bought myself a men’s Rolex,” Kaling says, “just because it made me feel a little gangster.”

To see the full feature on Kaling, where she opens up about being a #girlboss, the pitfalls of being a role model, and why she prefers to pay retail, pick up the June issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download May 15.

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Hi, I'm Mindy Kaling, and we're here at my InStyle shoot. [MUSIC] For, a lot of red carpet, I style myself. For anything that's not a gown, I like to style myself, because, I just like to shop. When I do an event where I have to wear a gown That's a world I don't understand at all. And so it'd be wonderful to have Kelly. Atkins has helped me. And my costume designer for The Mindy Project, Sal Perez, has designed a couple gowns for me that I absolutely love. My style on the show, and a lot of red carpet events, has a lot of like more is more aesthetics because I just love soft and color and prints and layering. And then for my life, I wear more the L.A. girl outfit of just gray T shirt and boyfriend jeans. Almost never do I wear heels. Sometimes I'll wear a bootie. Never any make up and rarely any jewelry. My first big fashion splurge was, oh, I bought myself after Season One of The Mindy Project, I bought myself a men's Rolex. Cause it made me feel like a little gangster, haha. [UNKNOWN] about it is that i was really excited about was a black little [UNKNOWN] bag that i can carry. It's very lady-like and it keeps the shape and i usually have these big slouchy [UNKNOWN] bags so i can store everything in and just one that's very [UNKNOWN] and nice. For me, the silhouette that i feel most confident in Is a skirt. Button down blouse. Little layered work outfit. I feel it looks very put together. And then I feel just confident and like a lot of little decisions have already been made. [MUSIC]
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