Cat Deeley's House Tour: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video!


Want to peek inside Cat Deeley's closet? You're in luck! The Emmy-nominated So You Think You Can Dance host showed off her boho-chic Beverly Hills home in InStyle's August issue, and we just released some behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot. In the clip above, Deeley reveals her wardrobe must-haves, her home shopping secrets (she didn't use an interior decorator!)—and the realities of swimsuit shopping. To see more photos and read our exclusive interview with Deeley, pick up the new issue, on newsstands now.

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[MUSIC] The InStyle shoot today was a little crazy but it was actually the calm after the storm not before the storm. There, there, was no, calm before the storm whatsoever. [MUSIC] My one thing that I currently can't live without in my closet is my Tori Birch valet flat. They are the most comfortable thing on the planet, I wear them all the time traveling, you can just kick them off at the airport, they go with absolutely everything, and they're comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. Flats to me have to be comfortable. Otherwise, wear a heel. You know? As you can see, no emblems, no real insignia, apart from a tiny mini bit at the back. I like to wear them like this. [MUSIC] I actually went to Agent Provocateur, and they have the most amazing, just plain black bikini, but with like loads of straps on it. And I tried on everything else, and like throwing it off in disgust. I put this on and it was literally as though the celestial angels started to sing and went, And celestial light came through into the dressing room. And I was, like, Actually Dee Lee, you're not doing too bad there. That's all right. And it's like one of those between these works so good, I might even buy it twice. [MUSIC] I think my fashion sense has, influenced my home decor in, in several ways. Firstly, I love vintage shopping. Not just for clothes, but for furniture, too. I style myself on both shows I do, and when I travel around for my auditions, I find out all the different best vintage stores in the area. Both for furniture And [UNKNOWN], cuz I travel all the time and I'm in hotels a lot, and I, I didn't wanna get in a decorator, cuz I didn't want it to feel like it. I mean, I'm sure it would be incredibly beautiful, but I didn't want to come home and feel as though I could be in a hotel. Taste is to make it as personal as possible. [MUSIC] I think my go-to piece is the same as any other woman's, I would say black dress. I've got different versions of it, some are kind of hippy, some are very put together, I've got a crocheted one, I've got some vintage ones, I've got like the knit pin waist rola moray. You know, there, there, there's always a great black dress, and I don't think you can go wrong with it. [MUSIC]
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