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InStyle’s November issue is filled to the brim with new, must-try beauty tips, innovative fashion ideas, and a tightly edited compilation of our “50 Best Dressed" stars. But while every page inside is special, we’re unafraid to admit that we’re particularly head over heels with the month’s cover star, mother, and multi-talented businesswoman: Drew Barrymore.

Barrymore is as famous as Hollywood stars come; however, as we learned during her cover shoot with photographer Jan Welters, the gorgeous actress is unsurprisingly down to earth. “Getting dressed in the morning is a totally victory—that’s how I define my style,” the 40-year-old says in the above video. “Lately I’ve been wearing sweats with a kimono and Chris [Miller, co-president of her Flower Films and Flower Beauty company] was kind enough to tell me that I looked nuts the other day, but I thought it was really stylish.”

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As InStyle's Fashion Director Melissa Rubini accentuated Barrymore's natural beauty with modern designs from Stella McCartney and Valentino, the star explains where she draws influence from before hitting the red carpet. “Sometimes makeup and hair really inspires me,” she says. “I try to find something that’s more in keeping with a look that would make me excited to be a part of it.” And though she’s always flawless in our eyes, Barrymore also reveals why she regrets a certain unforgettable red carpet ensemble.

So what advice does the cover girl have for dressing up each day? “In real life, wear something that makes you feel perfectly confident,” she suggests. “You just do a little makeup, put on a little top and God forbid some red lipstick and some heels and you strut all of a sudden that you didn’t have five minutes before.”

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Watch the video above for more from Barrymore, and to see her full feature, pick up the November issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download Oct. 16. Don't miss out on more exclusive content from #InStyleVirtual—and nab a limited-edition InStyle Viewer for free. 


[MUSIC] Getting dressed in the morning is a total victory, that's how I define my style. Lately, I've been wearing sweatpants with a kimono and [UNKNOWN] Was kind enough to tell me that I looked nice the other day. But, I thought it was really stylish. Style should be something that makes you feel good. Just have a wardrobe that's very clean, and clear, so when you go to your closet it's approachable, rather than chaotic, and overwhelming. I kind of get a better play a character when I go Sometimes makeup and hair really inspires me, so I wanna find a dress that compliments like, if I'm in the mood for like, 60s, and when I'm too late for [INAUDIBLE], and Cheryl Tiegs, and rock that kind of makeup and hair, and I'll try to find a dress that sort of pushes that look over the edge, and I try to find something that's more in keeping with a look That would make me excited to be a part of it. It was a fashion faux pas. I'm sorry Gucci but that darn dress I wore to the Golden Globes, I don't even know if there was a bra on the planet that could have saved me from that moment. If you have boobs like I do don't wear a high-waist. and a high neck. It accentuates this little bee nature of [UNKNOWN] and it was a very big learning curve in front of people, for me. So, I love failing and succeeding and playing when I go on a red carpet. It should be your own personal experience. It shouldn't be critique from fans from someone else. It It should be fun. Life is short. Do it up, have a fantasy, it's all gonna turn into a pumpkin. Let hair and make-up really tell the story on those evenings and don't play it safe cuz you're thinking, Oh God, I'm supposed to be perfect. It should be cool and memorable and special. And in real life, Wear something that makes you feel perfectly confident. You just do a little makeup, put on a little top, and God forbid some red lipstick and some heels, and you have a strut all the sudden that you just didn't have five minutes before. In fact, I think the less time you give yourself and the more you kind of Rush and throw yourself together and jack up your hair and throw on a lip and a heel, you'll feel like a different person immediately. Give yourself five minutes and it'll change everything. [MUSIC]
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