Behind the Scenes: Kate Hudson's July 2014 Cover Shoot

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Behind the Scenes: Kate Hudson's July 2014 Cover Shoot


[MUSIC] Dance has always been the driving force of what gets me motivated to exercise. But like anything, you'd have to have a certain discipline. [MUSIC] You know, you kinda have to make yourself do it. That idea in itself is what really motivated me to wanna start an athletic wear line. I co-founded this company called Fabletics. Not only was it about just making adorable, cute, stylish athletic wear. But it was really more about creating a community where women could feel more motivated. It's really about women supporting women to set goals and achieve them. It's been very rewarding. [MUSIC] I'm shooting a film this summer with Bill Murray, which I'm very excited about. That's like a, that's like a, you know, a dream come true. That we're shooting in Morocco and I've never been to Morocco, so I can't wait. I feel like Morocco and I might have a really, really good friendship. [LAUGH] As you get older, you still kinda have it in the back of your head like, summer, freedom. But it, it just doesn't quite pan out the same way. [LAUGH] So you kinda have to, as an adult, live vicariously through your kids and that, and that sense that they get for those three months. So my best memories I would say were the trips that we'd go on as kids. Every summer, we would take a family vacation, and we did a lot of bike riding. Those were trips where we really laughed the hardest. We'd find ourselves in small villages where we couldn't speak the language and trying to get to where we were supposed to get cuz we were all lost. And it just lent itself to real laughter. Getting into a lot of trouble, that was always fun. [MUSIC]

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