Behind the Scenes with Drew Barrymore


Get a sneak peek at the star's super-glam September cover shoot.


[MUSIC] I thought it was incredibly regal and to me it was total fantasy, but done the right way. Sometimes when I see things that are too ritzy, I just think, oh that's not me. I don't like, live like that. But sometimes I see things and I think, oh, that's beautiful and aspirational and I get lost in the glamor of it. So I think that it straddled that line and that makes me really happy. [MUSIC] Towards the end of the day we did a lip that I'm really excited about from the new line called Baby Buttercup. So we wore that with like these beautiful gray, smoky eyes. And that got me really excited because as a girl I'm dying for a light pink lip but that's flattering, and it's hard to come by. [MUSIC] Coming out at the very end of the day in that bib dress with the see-through sides. It accentuated the good and hid the bad, and I was loving that dress. There is this mash-up song, it's Lykke Li And we are at. But it is one of the most beautiful, melancholy, sexy songs. It was when I was in this dining room with, like, that fabulous white cream, taffeta floral coat. And I was listening to that and I was like, oh, I'm having a moment. [SOUND] [MUSIC]
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