Video: Lauren Conrad Divulges How She Prepped for Her Wedding Day


There's no question that Lauren Conrad looked utterly gorgeous on her wedding day. We sat down with the star to talk all things beauty, and she dished on how she prepped for her walk down the aisle. Although Conrad admits that she didn't change much, the fashionista did share that she made sure to take better care of her skin by eating healthier foods. Plus, she revealed the best beauty tip she's picked up over the years. Click on the above video to get the details, straight from Conrad herself. 

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kalana with InStyle and I'm here today with Lauren Conrad and we are gonna talk about all things beauty. Okay, so you went shorter with your hair, I love the bob. Why do you like short hair? Honestly it was just about kind of having fun and doing a change. Mm-hm. I had been growing out my hair for a while and sort of not doing anything with it because I knew I really wanted as, as long as possible for the wedding. So after that I was like, what about long? Right. That looked so beautiful. Yeah, I was a little reluctant because I had done a short haircut before and, and I, I didn't like it at all. Mm-hm. And I. Just, I was like, just waiting for it to grow out but, I every time we I changed my hair I talked to Kristen, that's my hair stylist and, and we, we'd go over it, we'd discuss it, and she would say with the proper cut she thought. I love it. I could be happy with it now. I feel like it, I feel like the short hair is really what's in right now, it just looks fresh, and it's kinda just effortless. Yeah. So you don't have to think too hard about it. Yeah. Like you said, like the messier the better. Yeah. [LAUGH] The better it looks. Speaking of your wedding, you looked absolutely gorgeous. Yeah. Were, were there any beauty regimens that you did, that you followed to get ready for your. For your wedding day like, were you getting facials, or? I probably should've been. I, I, I really didn't change much, I mean, I think I took a little more care of my skin. [MUSIC] I didn't have to, I don't, I didn't have to do it then, though, cause I was making an effort just to eat a little cleaner rapport and that always helps my skin. Yeah. Mm-hm. I just, I think I wanted to wear as little makeup as possible. Yeah. That's how the guys like it. [LAUGH] Yeah. How frustrating is that? It's so, I've been engaged to- You like spend all this time doing your makeup. Yeah. And they're like, you look great without it. [LAUGH] You're like- That's not a nice thing to say to me. [LAUGH] As little makeup as possible. I want to. Sees your natural beauty. Yes. Yes. Did you kick up your workout routine? No. No. okay. [LAUGH] No. Well you didn't have to. Well thanks. You didn't have to, you didn't have to. What is the best beauty tip you've picked up over the years? I think honestly, the best thing is just to take care of yourself, because. You know, if your hair's over-processed. Or you know, you're, you're having a lot of trouble with your skin, you're not, you know, washing and, and taking care of it, I think. Or putting on sunscreen. It just, it requires so much. I think the thing about makeup is it should just, or makeup and hair products is they should really enhance what you have. Right. You don't want to be covering things up. Right. So I think that honestly the best thing is to just take care of yourself. Perfect advice. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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