Video: Lauren Conrad Shares Her Beauty Secrets and Early Makeup Mistakes

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Lauren Conrad may have her signature beauty look down pat, but that doesn't mean she's always been a makeup master. We sat down with the star to talk all things beauty, where Lauren revealed that she made plenty of mistakes early on (like matching her eyeshadow to her clothes!). But now the fashionista is clearly a pro with advice to share, and she dishes it out here. Click on the above video to get the details, straight from Conrad herself.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kahlana with InStyle and I'm here today with Lauren Conrad and we are gonna talk about all things beauty. So tell me, what was your first beauty experience growing up? The first time I was allowed to wear makeup was around seventh grade. Mm-hm. And it was, it was a real like, trial and error, kind of, just horrible. [LAUGH] But it was really nice. My mom like, just let me learn how to do it, you know? Mm-hm. I mean. I, I thought you were supposed to match your eye shadow your, to your clothes. Mm-hm. And it was just, you know, I was, I was just sort of playing and figured it out along the way. Were your friends, were you into like bold makeup, or was it pretty subtle, or, you know, did you have any interesting beauty disasters? It was, it was bold. Not like the great way. [LAUGH] Mm-hm. Like, more like interesting choices. Yeah, I don't know, I mean when I was in middle school, we you know, there, there wasn't, there weren't guides, there weren't like tutorials to go to, so really like. Right, there were no how-tos. No, like you kind of like asked your girlfriends and like just figured it out. Right. But like. Other, I couldn't really Google like how to apply blush. Right. It's just not. It was just different. I don't know. Kinda figured it out. Yeah. It didnt' always look great. Well I feel like you completely mastered your look. You're kinda known for your bronzy skin and very natural makeup. What would you, how would you describe your beauty routine in the morning? Would you describe it high maintenance, low maintenance? Definitely low maintenance, I mean it's, it's different if I'm gonna go to an event or go to somewhere special or out to dinner, I definitely take a lot more time. Mm-hm. But, it's pretty minimal to be honest. I don't, I, I think unless I'm going somewhere where I need to wear a lot more makeup, I, I don't wear that much. So are you very diligent about your skin, you know, making sure you take your make up off at night. Absolutely. Yeah. I use like a coconut oil to take off my eye makeup. Oh. And then just an all over face wash. I have several different and I'm not like a committed relationship with any. Right. [LAUGH] They pretty, pretty simple. I think that, you know, do whatever you need to do to take off all your make up and [CROSSTALK] Right. Yeah.
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