Video: Lauren Conrad Reveals What 3 Beauty Products She Would Bring to a Desert Island

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Who doesn't envy Lauren Conrad’s beachy waves and glowing skin? We sat down with the star to talk all things beauty, and she dished on what products she'd take to a desert island (read: the makeup and hair products she can't live without). Plus, the star shared with us just how she gets her coif to look so perfectly imperfect. Click on the above video to get the details, straight from Conrad herself.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kilona with In Style and I'm here today with Lauren Conrad and we are gonna talk about all things beauty. [MUSIC] If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three beauty products with you, what would they be? I love this question. [LAUGH] Like, I just picture someone stuck on a desert island. With three beauty products. [LAUGH] I should have brought bronzer! What do I do with this? [LAUGH] Let's see I mean if, if I could only pick three products to have mascara, blush. And eyeliner probably. Okay. What about for your hair? For my hair? Well, I mean, I feel like a sea salt spray would be really appropriate on this island. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Yeah. For sure. I could just have my beachy wave all the time. Speaking of the beachy wave I feel like this is the look. I mean we both have it going on, clearly. And the shorter cut. But how do you achieve a look? Do you do it yourself or do you just rely on your hair stylist? I can. We actually did it, wait, I did it this morning, for a how to video. You did? Yeah. What is the technique? I think that the thing about, about doing like a more kind of tousled texturey look is that it should be im, imperfect. Right. You know it's okay to just do it really quick. I think. Sometimes when I only have like a couple minutes to do my hair. Mm-hm. It's when it looks best. I'm not like over thinking it. Exactly, yes, like the messier the better almost. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I know you're a spokesperson for John Frieda, what would be the one product in the line that you, is your favorite. I think right now it's the, it's the sea salt spray. Yeah. Because it's really easy, it's like a nice just everyday product. And I'm kinda obsessed with the smell of it. Mm-hm. Especially right now, I can't really complain cut it's like 70. 20 degrees in California. Right. You live in California. I'm in New York. No, it is so cold here. And I'm here and I just say keep smelling it. And I'm like pretend you're on vacation. [LAUGH] Right. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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