Kerry Washington's Beauty Philosophy Is Pretty Empowering


Our love for Kerry Washington knows no bounds. In her role as Neutrogena's Creative Consultant and famous face, the star's mission of an all-inclusive beauty range is evident in the expanded color lineups, not to mention all the girl power beauty advice she's constantly preaching. At the launch of the brand's spring makeup line, we asked her—what's the most empowering beauty tip you've ever learned? "I think for a long time, I thought that makeup was really about trying to look like someone else," the star told us. "It was really empowering for me when I learned that makeup was how to bring your best face forward, how to enhance what you have, embrace what you have, and not be afraid to show who you are to the world." Amen to that.

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Click play on the video above for your a serious dose of inspiration, and catch Washington tonight on a new episode of Scandal!


[MUSIC] My mom always taught me that beauty was form the inside out. Meaning it's really more about who you are but also how you take care of yourself. So drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep. And also using products like our healthy again make up which allows you to actually have improved skin. That's the goal right? That's the goal is to wake up and Look in the mirror and think I look great and then you're using make, up not necessarily to hide things, but to bring out the best of who you are. I think for a long time I thought that make up was really about trying to look like somebody else instead of, you know, it was really empowering for me when I learned that make up is really about how to bring your best face forward. How to Enhance what you have, and embrace what you have, and not be afraid to show who you are to the world. In our expanded makeup launch, we actually also have ten new lip shades in our moisture smooth color stick, and this one of them, this is the Orchid. Which is actually a limited color that's gonna be available at Walmart, Classic Red that's gonna be at Target. And then eight new shades that are gonna be available across the board. And I'm really proud of them. We worked hard to develop them cuz I wanted to make sure they were colors that look good on everybody and every skin tone. And they're really beautiful. And the MoistureSmooth Color Stick is so great cuz it's so moisturizing. So again, You put it on and your lips feel better than when you get up in the morning. What I have a red carpet opportunity I try to have a lot of fun and so we all work together. It usually kind of stems from the dress, the dress is the inspiration, and then we go from there we talk about the hair the makeup and the nails and the shoes and the bag all working together to complement each other and complement me. Because also I never wanna be in one of those situations where I feel like the dress is wearing me. I wanna feel like I'm on the carpet being myself, just being the best version of myself in that moment. [MUSIC]
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