Dine Like Belle and The Beast at this "Tale as Old as Time" Themed Afternoon Tea


Want to live your life like the best Disney princess? Obviously, we're talking about Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Town House at The Kensington's newest, themed afternoon tea service, "Tale as Old as Time," in honor of the upcoming release of the live-action movie, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

Named after the movie's famous theme song, the afternoon tea features cutlery and treats modeled on the movie's characters—Chip and Mrs. Potts both make an appearance. The London restaurant promises that the tea is "the perfect family outing or fun afternoon with friends and loved ones ... [and] the various sweets and savouries featured in this whimsical afternoon tea are inspired by the characters and scenes of the film."

The menu offers classic English afternoon tea sweets and treats, at £35 per person, or £45 with a glass of Champagne. Tables are booking up quickly, so make sure to get your reservation in ASAP.

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The special menu will be available from Feb. 13 to Feb. 26 and again from March 1 to Nov. 30.


[MUSIC] Papa? You must leave here. This castle is alive! [SOUND] Who's there? Do you wish to take your father's place? Come into the light. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Show me the girl. Look at her. What if she is the one? The one who break the spell. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hello. You can talk. Well, of course he can talk. Hello, pleased to meet you. [MUSIC] The masters know it is terrible as he appears. [MUSIC] I say we kill the beast. Think of the one thing you always wanted. [MUSIC] Now find it in your minds eye, then feel it in your heart. [MUSIC] No!>> Don't be afraid. [MUSIC] I'm not afraid. [MUSIC]
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