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[MUSIC] James and I have always wanted to do jewelry. In our collection we're known for embellishment and beading. And vintage jewelry is always been a big source of inspiration for our artwork. So, when we had the opportunity to design jewelry we were really, really excited. I think our signature look of our jewelry collection is sort of vintage modern. It's inspired by old vintage jewelry, you know, old antique estate pieces. And then we've really modernized it by bringing in sort of new emphasis and new details to it. And changed the proportions a little bit so it looks modern, but still has that little feeling of vintage. I think the girl that wants to wear a Badgley Mischka engagement ring is one who wants a little glamor in her life. You know, anytime she looks at her fingers, she's gonna feel a little bit of glamor. [MUSIC] You know, we've had the opportunity to dress a lot of the Hollywood girls. There's so many of them that are inspirational. Some of the, the real classic glamorous ones, you know, Angelina Jolie, we'd love to do her ring. Halle Berry's gonna get married again. We'd love to do her, we dress her a lot. We would love to see our engagement ring on Kate Middleton when she gets engaged to Prince William. It would be really a thrill for us. We feel that engagement rings should be more classic. I think that the idea of a colored engagement ring is just too trendy. It's nothing that you're gonna want to look at in five or ten or 15 or 25 years and think that that's, you know, such a good idea. I think that a real traditional clear diamond or one with just the palest hint of color is really more special. Of course it's a very uncomfortable situation if a bride receives a ring that she can't stand. She's gonna be looking at that ring for the rest of her life. And if she doesn't like the ring I think she needs to tell her fiancee. And be honest about it and trade it in for something that she loves and adores. [MUSIC] A lot of grooms, they don't know. They have no idea what kind of ring they should get their fiancee. So, I think it's great if, if a groom can secretly bring along her best friend. Because I think a groom needs help, it's just, it's reality. I think the person not to bring is her mother. Cuz she's gonna just make him get the biggest ring you can possibly afford, put you in debt. [LAUGH]. It's gonna be a nightmare. [MUSIC] Size always matters with an engagement ring. I don't think any bride would return a ring for being too big, ever. You could always upgrade, you know. With, with, cuz of economics, perhaps, you know, a groom has to start off with a certain size. And then, you know, as life goes on he trades that one in for a bigger one, and bigger one, and bigger one. We see that with our customers all the time. It's fun, you know, it's great. Diamonds are diamonds. [MUSIC]
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