Backstage at the Grammy Salute to Fashion

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Fashion director Hal Rubenstein curates this "fast, hot and sexy" show, featuring the designs of Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z and more.


[MUSIC] It's a first for the Grammys, and it's a first for InStyle. It's Grammy Salute to Fashion. But these are different type of clothes. It is not directional clothes. These are clothes to dance and party and to, to get sexy in. Actually there over 30 Grammy nominated artists that have their own clothing lines. So we took the six that we really like, which is Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Sean Combs, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake's line which is William Rast. And we put them together in one show. And music people have a whole different way of looking at fashion. A whole different way of looking at each other. Basically they want to be noticed. They're gonna dress to be noticed. They're gonna dress to look fine. And I think because of that sometimes we get great surprises. But, you know, the Paul Mitchell people came in and said, we're going to do the hair. You know? And the CoverGirl makeup, they're taking great direction. The look we think is hot right now, which is a really bright mouth or the really sharp eye. So that that '80s moment hair without all the big stuff. The setting here at Boulevard is a perfect intimate club what we want to do is show what is fast, hot and sexy. Stop. Pose Twice. The whole idea was, okay, how does somebody look when they want to go out? Everything was sort of put around the idea of like a, what's fun, what's sexy, what's cute, what's a come-on, we can't take any of this too seriously. For me, it's, it's like, it's fun to play with clothes that are different. So it's been a blast. [MUSIC]
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