Back of the Cab: Our 1-Minute Review of Tom Ford's Spring 2016 Music Video 


While en route to Christian Dior’s spring 2016 runway show at Paris Fashion Week today, InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and Fashion Director Melissa Rubini quickly came across Tom Ford’s newest collection—on their phones. As the stylish duo explain in the above video, the beloved designer released a groovy music video starring Lady Gaga and a bevy of models that showcases his party-ready spring 2016 frocks, some of which Rubini reveals she’d love to wear herself. The editors discuss why this tech-friendly debut is so innovative and also take a moment to enjoy Gaga’s cover of Chic’s “I Want Your Love.”

Watch the video above for our instant review, and click here to see Tom Ford’s spring 2016 runway show music video.


Hey, it's Eric Wilson from InStyle with back of the cab and we're on our way to the Dior show, but we're kind of bored so we started looking around on the internet and we found the Tom Ford spring collection now online. This season instead of doing a runway show he decided to release his collection in a video format with Lady Gaga. Singing I Want Your Love, and models dancing around in the clothes. [MUSIC] What do you think, can you see the clothes very well? Yeah, no, I love it. I mean, it brings a whole other dimension to They're dancing in the club and essentially where I would love to wear those fashions. I think it's kind of cool too because you get a little bit of a close up shot of the jackets, here and there. The dresses you see first on the sideline And they end up on the quote unquote runway, and lucky blue, so there's that. Get it, and there's none, and the models that really have much more attitude. They bring life to the clothes instead of this constant walking with no emotion that we see most Start the show. It's true. [MUSIC] What? [LAUGH] This is the same person who said, five, six years ago he didn't want social media at the collection. [LAUGH] Is online. Now his entire collection is online, and I think you should go check it out right now [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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