Back of the Cab: Watch Our Review of Chanel's #PFW Runway Show

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InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson reports from Paris Fashion Week in our Back of the Cab video series.

Fashion Month has nearly come to a close, and today Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and Fashion Director Melissa Rubini reported back from the Chanel show, where everyone got a front row seat. The collection offered a simple wearability—with Chanel classics like tweeds re-imagined as easy sweater dresses—but the show also highlighted several fantastic evening styles.

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Watch the video above for our instant review, and check out all of our Paris Fashion week coverage here.


[BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi I'm Derek Wilson from In Style with Back of the Cab. We are coming from the Chanel Show, which was terrific. And everybody got a front row seat. [MUSIC] I'm here with Melissa Rubini, our fashion director. What did you think Think of the show? It was beautiful. Karl Lagerfeld had an oversized version of Rue Cambon of the Chanel atelier done so it felt very couture, it felt a very exclusive experience, the runway Extremely long. [INAUDIBLE] everywhere. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] You know what I was excited about was just how wearable so much of that collection was. The tweeds looked almost like [UNKNOWN] sweater dresses. Wasn't it? It was really, really wearable, very easy for women to understand and bring to their lives. And he also did quite a few options going from You know younger versions, more street style versions to very elegant dresses that you want to wear for evening events. [MUSIC] Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more Back Of The Cab from Paris. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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