Back of the Cab: Watch Our 1-Minute Review of #NYFW's Final Day of Runway Shows

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New York Fashion Week came to a close yesterday, and InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson is giving us the his Back of the Cab review of the day's hottest runway shows. The 8-day fashion extravaganza ended with a bang and three star-studded runway shows--Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs—and we've got the inside scoop for you right here.

Watch the video above to check out our instant review, and check out all of our NYFW coverage here.

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I'm Eric Wilson from InStyle magazine. New York fashion week came to a close today with three major shows, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. [MUSIC] Ralph Lauren was the first big show today, and he drew a major crowd, including Kanye West and New York. So it's first lady Charlayne Gray. Ralph showed a very western theme this season, including a lot of apres ski clothes that were perfect for hot toddies, but also for the red carpet. [MUSIC] How bout that show? It was gorgeous. It was very Ralph Lauren. Full of stars in front row, as always. I loved the black dresses, very sexy, very much what you want to wear for a black tie. At Calvin Klein, the [INAUDIBLE] Francisco Costa showed a collection that had a 1960s vibe, sort of like a hippy. [UNKNOWN] Chic as seen through a very minimalistic lens. [MUSIC] And finally there was Marc Jacobs, with a sweeping show that included lavish fabrics, incredible layers, and really amazing [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC]
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