Back of the Cab: The Weekend Wrap Up from Milan Fashion Week


InStyle's Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and Style Director Melissa Rubini had a busy weekend as Milan Fashion Week wrapped up! After attending numerous shows the past few days, they just couldn't wait to break down their favorite moments from the runway.

One of this weekend's highlights for Wilson had to be the coats at Marni.  "The painterly colors are gorgeous. The combination of tones is so sophisticated and beautiful," says Rubini. But that wasn't the only collection that caught their eye. They were both equally in love with the gorgeous looks from Marco de Vincenzo -- whom Rubini describes as one of Milan's fashion stars. And of course, Wilson says it wouldn't be Milan without some "sex pot action!" Find out which collection he's referring to (and get the rest of the weekend review) in the video clip above.

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[MUSIC] Hi. This is Eric from InStyle Magazine with Back Of The Cab, Milan Edition. Where we thought we would show you some of the highlights from the weekend shows. We really loved the coats at Marni. What did you think Melissa? The painterly colors are gorgeous. I mean, the combination of tones is so sophisticated and beautiful. [MUSIC] So, another star in Milan is Marco Devinchanso. What did you think of his show? I loved his fall collection. I just think it's really interesting how he's bringing kinetic art into runway fashion. You can see the movement on the runway. It was gorgeous, right? Amazing. [MUSIC] And finally it wouldn't be Milan, home of Versace and Cavalli without a little bit of sexpot action. Make sure to check out Peter Dundas' work for Pucci. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC]
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